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  • Jun 30 2020

    by Renae X
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    Imagine finding a huge rock like this!  

  • Jun 27 2020

    by Renae X
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    Do You Hear the Beating of the Drums Children? The drums are talking to us with the breath of our ancestors, telling us all to come home! 

  • Jun 24 2020

    by Renae X
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    New York
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    Welcome to Xodus, Africa a the home of Reparations and Repatriation to the African Continent 

  • Jun 24 2020

    by Renae X
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    With African Americans more culturally aware and feeding into the desire to return to Africa, I wonder if many of us are actually prepared for what is needed to survive in Africa? One thing I do know, ready or not we have to make the change to Africa NOW!

  • Jun 20 2020

    by Renae X
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    The Fear of Going Home If you are a black person being born in an all white country has its obvious drawbacks. You will never be allowed to pass a certain level in life, you will not be afforded the same opportunities as whites and you will certainly need to work 10 times harder to get halfway close...

  • Jun 18 2020

    by Renae X
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    The Idea of leaving your country of birth and leaving behind your known security and familiarity for what is unknown in Africa is a revolutionary act. Before arriving at the decision to migrate from the United States,or Britain or Germany or wherever it is that we have found in a White Man\'s World ...